iLux MGD Treatment System


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Dr. Polakoff’s office is proud to now offer a revolutionary dry eye treatment in his office in Linthicum, Reisterstown, Baltimore, and Merritt Park. The innovative and personalized iLux(r) MGD Treatment System addresses Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) also known as Evaporative Dry Eye, a leading cause of dry eye. The iLux(r) targets a patient’s blocked Meibomian glands through the application of light-based heat and compression under direct visualization. This thermal pulsation therapy comfortably melts and expresses the plugged up oil glands that are contributing to your dry eye, and restores gland functionality. This treatment is a natural way of healing the body, and restoring the functionality that will lead to symptom relief.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is one of the leading causes of dry eye. 86% of dry eye patients have concurrent MGD. MGD occurs when the glands on your eye lids get blocked and the necessary oils they produce cannot be released into the tear film, causing your tears to evaporate too quickly. Warm compresses, artificial tears, and lid expression may help superficially but may not get deep enough.

iLUX is a revolutionary new therapy available at our office to treat MGD and Dry Eye. In about 12-15 minutes, the eyelids are warmed to the proper therapeutic temperature and we’re then able to express those stubborn glands! Many patients would compare this to a dry eye facial for the eye lids! This also is preventative treatment to maintain healthy Meibomian glands.

Call us, or at your next visit ask Dr. Polakoff, or Dr. Tang if you may be a candidate for the iLUX treatment for your dry eye symptom relief.